Cassowary, endangered species 

Cassowary are flightless, shy yet dangerous birds which are native to the humid rainforest. They are third tallest and second heaviest birds in the world. Mainly fed on fruits (fallen from trees) but are truly omnivorous. Cassowary are ancient prehistoric birds that began to evolve around 60 millions years ago from a group of carnivores dinosaurs known as ‘theropods’ which walked on two legs. They existed since the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs were the dominant animal life on earth.Cassowary are the endangered birds, only 1200 left in the world now.


WAG Dubai events ’15

One of the most spectacular shows of the year 2015 from WAG (World Air Games) Dubai in association with Skydive Dubai, Dec 1-12 2015. Here’s some shots by me from the events held on 2nd Dec.





Simple Photography 

It is mostly said that photography is about the third eye that a capturer has. I would like to reframe it by saying that any art that one possesses is about how you think, use and play with it. Sometimes a simple/straight dead shots are preferred over the image full of effort. Its never always about luck though it is an important element.

Patience and imagination is what I believe can lead you in, out and through all creativities.

Aisha AR