Butterfly Garden, Al Noor Island Sharjah 

I was so amazed visiting the Butterfly Garden in Al Noor Island, Sharjah yesterday. Garden that is home to 16 various kinds of butterfly species found in East and South East Asia. Its not just a garden but a proper tropical atmosphere/temperature created to provide them to survive among their habitats. Fed them on nectars of fresh fruits and flowers. If you are fond of nature and its creation than this is a must visit place to praise nature and its creations.
Some captures by me:


Sharjah Light Festival 2016


The festival that lightens up the entire city with its amazing light creativity. Famous masjids and government buildings are lit up with vibrant colors every evening from 6pm till late, between 6th to 13th Feb.

Below are some captures via me, Aich’ha AR photography.

Sharjah University Hall 

 Sharjah Waterfront  
Sharjah Planetarium   
 Al Qasimia Mosque
  Masjid Al Noor 


WAG Dubai events ’15

One of the most spectacular shows of the year 2015 from WAG (World Air Games) Dubai in association with Skydive Dubai, Dec 1-12 2015. Here’s some shots by me from the events held on 2nd Dec.





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