PCOS… the most common health issue with women these days

Poly cystic ovaries, know as PCOS is been observed in most women these days. Every second woman has it. It is the condition that is responsible for irregular monthly cycle, obesity, unwanted hairs, acne, mood swings, unable to conceive and hormonal imbalance.
If it isn't treated, over time it can lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart diseases.

Treating PCOS
No specific treatment helps to cure this condition. Only taking contraceptive pills for couple of months can give u temporary relief. Its treatment includes, healthy eating & exercise. People say its mostly incurable. I DISAGREE!!!

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Cassowary, endangered species 

Cassowary are flightless, shy yet dangerous birds which are native to the humid rainforest. They are third tallest and second heaviest birds in the world. Mainly fed on fruits (fallen from trees) but are truly omnivorous. Cassowary are ancient prehistoric birds that began to evolve around 60 millions years ago from a group of carnivores dinosaurs known as ‘theropods’ which walked on two legs. They existed since the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs were the dominant animal life on earth.Cassowary are the endangered birds, only 1200 left in the world now.