Endometriosis, what is it?

Endometriosis is a medical condition that occurs when the lining of the uterus, called the endometrium, grows in other places, such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries or along the pelvis. When that lining breaks down, like the regular lining in the uterus that produces the menstruation, it has nowhere to go


Endometriosis occurs when uterine tissue (known as endometrium) grows outside the uterus on other pelvic organs. Although the exact cause is still unknown, some researchers believe endometriosis may be triggered by endometrial cells loosened during menstruation “backing up” through the fallopian tubes into the pelvis, a process called retrograde menstruation. Other theories hold that endometriosis involves a faulty immune system, hormones, or genetic factors.






There is no cure for endometriosis, but treatment can help with pain and infertility.

There are certain vitamins & Minerals supplements which do aid in suppressing the condition and providing relief.

Below I have mentioned some high quality dietary supplements which are tried and tested products.



Bee pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids and fatty acids, enzymes, carotenoids and bioflavonoids. It has powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that strengthen the capillaries, reduce inflammation, stimulate the immune system and lower cholesterol levels naturally.

• Cranberry extract helps to maintain good hormonal system, thus reducing the risk of having hormone-related issues with reproductive organs.

• Aloe Vera contains Anthraquinone Complex that can help to reduce inflammation caused by bleeding.

The health benefits of increasing consumption of fish oil and other sources of DHA and EPA are virtually beyond disputes. … Enhances Cellular Health – Omega-3 fats make up the cellular membrance in cells throughout the body, including the brain, eyes, heart, blood vessels, lungs, joints and skin

Forever NatureMin® is an advanced, multi-mineral formula using new bio-available forms of minerals for maximum absorption. … Minerals in the body performance. Some, like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, are constituents of the bones and teeth.

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