Make up in my view

Hi.. May name is Aisha and i have been trying/observing makeup on my self ( the right kind of combination of foundation and coverage powder) since last two years almost. It was in Dec last year where I realised that i have obtained enough of knowledge to guide and refer people with there prefrences. 

Being a beginner i own Sephora, Maybeline, Rimmel, Prestige, Gosh, NYX, Max Factor, Essence and Mikyajy. I am quite sure that i can guide up to mark when it comes to usage and applications. 

I do makeup as well, mostly semi-formal and casual as i have skin that is acidic along with lots of pigmentation marks and blemishes. This uneven toned skin of mine has taught me that make up is not about applying the layers of foundations and brightening yourself, a real make up is to look natural yet with enhanced features. 

Having squared shaped face with spots amd marks made me loose confidence in public. This doesn’t mean that i am ugly and makeup beautifies me. Makeup covers up the lacking of flawlessness in my skin. 

Makeup is not about painting the face, its about carving what you can be that you aren’t due to many reasons; either of inappropriate diet, less sleep or any other unfit activities in our life.

Making your face is also not about the instant result that you get or expect. The reaction or effect is time consuming along with the right products fusion. Primer, foundation and coverage compact are the most basic elements thats needed to be balanced right.

Anyone who considers my brief description is free to contact me regarding any advice or demo.

Less of confidence may lead to minimum self esteem.


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